5 Ways to Make Your Own Manicure Make Your Nails More Beautiful, More Affordable!

Who says manicure has to cost a lot of money? Marshalova can do her own manicure and pedicure without breaking her pocket. The manicure method itself is also fairly easy if you already have the complete equipment. 

Some women think that manicure and pedicure itself is complicated and drains a lot of energy. In fact, doing nail care yourself can be a fun activity. Especially if you do the manicure with bestie. To make it more fun, do the following steps, come on!

Easy Manicure Ways at Home, Your Weekend Becomes More Attractive

If you are lazy to go to the salon, do the following ways to make manicure and pedicure at home with the people closest to you.

Clean Your Nails

How to do your own manicure

Before starting the treatment, you need to clean your nails first. If you use nail polish, clean it with a cotton swab that has been moistened with nail polish remover. Press the nail polish-coated area with a cotton swab and hold it for a few seconds until the nail polish is clean. After that, wipe your nails clean. 

If the nail polish you use is dark, it will usually leave stains on your nails. To reduce the stain, you can apply cuticle oil to all parts of the nail. As for the treatment of toenails, you can soak them in warm water that has been added with essential oils. 

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Cut and Shape Your Nails

How to do your own manicure

The next way to manicure at home is to cut and shape your nails. Trim your nails from the edges with a nail clipper. If you have long nails, file them after trimming them to make them look more even. 

For the feet, you can cut your nails into a square shape to avoid infection due to the nail growing under the skin. After that, file your nails to make them neater. In addition, you can use a nail buffer on the surface of your fingernails and toenails so that your nails are shinier and the nail polish can stick to the maximum. 

Use Oil and Cuticle Pusher 

How to do your own manicure

For those of you who have thick and long cuticles, use cuticle oil and use a cuticle pusher to push them so that your nails look longer. This cuticle does not need to be cut so that your nails don’t get infected. The use of cuticle oil also aims to strengthen and moisturize it. 

Scrub Your Feet To Make It Smoother 

How to do your own manicure

Manicure is incomplete if you don’t do a pedicure at all. For that, you can use a sponge, pumice stone, or a brush to remove rough skin. In addition, you can use these tools to treat cracked skin, calluses, and blackened soles.

If necessary, you can use a foot scrub to make your skin smoother. You can also use a moisturizer so that the skin is more nourished. 

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Color Your Nails 

How to do your own manicure

Next, color your nails using a base coat first. For a stable surface and a good finish, place your hands on the table. Also, apply a thin base coat over your nails. The purpose of using a base coat is to make the nail polish color stick evenly. 

Use nail polish 

How to do your own manicure

You can continue your own manicure pedicure at home using nail polish. Apply two coats of nail polish so that the results are better and there are no bubbles. However, let the first layer dry first, then apply the second layer. 

When you’re done, don’t forget to coat it with a top coat to lock the nail polish color. The top coat also makes your nails look more shiny and the color of the nail polish doesn’t crack easily.

How to manicure at home is not as easy as imagined, right, Marshalova? Good luck!