Industry 4.0 makes all lines of business change drastically because they are already using technology in various sectors. The skills needed in the industry itself will also be affected. It has been proven that in recent years, human power is slowly being replaced by machines, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics. Of course this is a threat to human existence in the industry itself. In addition to industry 4.0, the current job competition is also getting higher. Therefore, soft skills are one of the important skills that must be mastered by the younger generation in order to compete in the world of work. For those of you who are curious about what is needed today? You can see the complete information as follows:

Understanding Soft Skills

Before outlining the list of required soft skills, you should understand what they are and how they differ from hard skills. First, let’s talk about hard skills, hard skills are abilities that can be measured, tested, and evaluated. Hard skills are the main abilities needed. Furthermore, when there is a job application, usually the company will attach the hard skills needed for the position such as having accountant skills, being able to calculate taxes, being able to operate Ms, Word, being able to write a blog, being able to make design illustrations and several other examples.
Meanwhile, soft skills are personality, communication skills or personal attributes that are needed to be able to provide good performance in a job. The abilities you have will show how easy it is to interact with the environment.
Furthermore, both hard skills and abilities can be learned, however, hard skills are easier to learn because there are institutions such as schools and courses that teach these hard skills, while this ability can be learned by reading books and listening to people’s experiences in dealing with problems.

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Examples of Must-Have Soft Skills

Indeed, as a Millennial generation, you have to master different skills when compared to the time of your parents. Some of the things that the millennial generation must have are the following:
1. Complex Problem Solving Skills
The more here, the problems in the industrial-professional world are getting more complicated. Industry trends continue to experience significant changes from year to year. This of course has the potential to cause new problems as well.
Not only at the managerial level, almost all positions or work titles will definitely have their own problems. Therefore, you should have the skills to solve problems quickly and effectively. This is so that the existing problems do not last too long and become big.
2. Examples of Good Communication Soft Skills
This skill is indeed very good for the younger generation in the world of work and in social life. Good communication is indeed needed in every line of work to be able to coordinate well.
Furthermore, every company must have many departments and each department requires good cooperation and coordination. The way to improve communication soft skills is to start learning to listen to other people and begin to understand other people. Once you start to listen and understand other people, you can choose a good way of communicating with other people.
3. Critical thinking
The skill that the next young generation must have is critical thinking. Critical thinking skills are used to see things more clearly and rationally. You have to be rational about what you believe and should do.
4. Think creatively
Competition in the world of work is very tough. Therefore, you inevitably have to be able to think creatively and be able to market yourself creatively. The first thing you can do with creative thinking is to present a creative CV for recruiters and HRD to see.
5. Have Good Leadership Skills
Skills that are no less important for the younger generation are good leadership skills. As an individual, you not only need good self-management skills, but you also need to have good leadership skills.
Not only a manager who needs these skills, a staff must also have the basic leadership qualities to lead an event, project or job.
6. Able to work with other people
Competing is a must, but collaborating is no less important. You must be able to work with other people to achieve success.
Moreover, in the professional world it is very difficult to be successful without the help of others. In this era of collaboration, being able to work with others is a plus point